Highbrow Meets Haute Couture Meets Hip Hop

A fixture on the city’s fall cultural calendar, the Chicago Humanities Festival is producing its first-ever spring edition at the end of this month: four days’ worth of talks and panels and parties, all with a focus on style. Huh-what? Doesn’t that topic seem a little shallow for such a highfalutin organization? Not when you take a look at the schedule. Here are our picks from among the two-dozen-plus events:

Thursday, April 28: Although we’re not quite sure what her new book, The Sleep Revolution, has to do with style (the importance of beauty sleep?), media disruptor Arianna Huffington is definitely a hot ticket. She’ll be appearing at Lincoln Park’s Francis W. Parker School at 6 p.m.

Friday, April 29: Literary style is on the menu today, and a very distinctive one too. The fifth installment of Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard’s six-volume autobiographical novel is out now in the U.S.—see him at the Art Institute this evening.

Knausgaard Karl Ovecredit Andre LyningKarl Knausgaard, Photo Courtesy of Andre Løyning

Saturday, April 30: We’d be in the front row for nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel—if her talk weren’t already sold out. Instead, we’ll start with Margo Jefferson and Darryl Pinckney discussing the black bourgeoisie at the Fine Arts Building, run over to the Art Institute for a midday panel on why style matters in everything from graphic design to fashion to copyediting, and then head to the Chicago Athletic Association with an exposé of the high cost of fast fashion.

Jefferson Margo credit Michael LionstarMargo Jefferson, Photo Courtesy of Michael Lionstar

Pinckney Darryl c Dominique NabokovDarryl Pinckney, Photo Courtesy of Dominique Nabokov

Sunday, May 1: We’re torn between James McBride on James Brown (the epitome of on-stage style) and Andrew Solomon—one of the most stylish writers out there—introducing his new memoir, Far & Away. Either way, we’ll end the day at Vermilion with the cheffy likes of Daniel Humm and Stephanie Izard talking about restaurant tastemakers.

McBride James au photo credChia MessinaJames McBride, Photo Courtesy of Chia Messina


Featured Photo: Iris Apfel, Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

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