Cheesy Nacho Plates

Two cities go chip to chip.

The stadium-food classic gets a gourmet makeover at two standout restaurants 1,700 miles apart, one made by a Top Chef; the other, an Iron Chef.

Machos Nachos was born in the kitchen at Little Goat Diner in the heart of Randolph’s Restaurant Row in Chicago.

>> The star behind the plate is Top Chef Stephanie Izard.
>> The star on the plate is the homemade masa chips.
>> The Midwest touch? Pulled pork mixed with pickled peppers.
>> Eat them in the comfy modern diner that has booths and tables with napkin dispensers ready for action.
>> “Machos Nachos,” a love poem by a local: “Leave me in a room with the nachos, and only one of us is getting out of there alive,” from reviewer Liesl.


Nachos Libres was born free in the kitchen at Distrito at the Saguaro Scottsdale.
>> The star behind the plate is Iron Chef Jose Garces.
>> The star on the plate is the crispy beef, or vaca frita (you’ll have to order that as an extra).
>> The Southwest touch? Authentic Mexican Chile [not chili in this case] de árbol.
>>  Eat them in the playful, laid-backsurroundings.
>> “Nachos Libres,” a love poem by a local: “Nachos are piled in a little casserole dish, so densely integrated with creamy refried black beans, and cheese,” from Elin Jeffords at Phoenix magazine.

*Featured image c/o Serious Eats, Photgrapher: Nick Kindelsperger 

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