Unburied Treasure

Why, after 60 years, is the massive annual spring tag sale (oops—we mean “resale event”) held to benefit the Cantor Arts Center’s acquisition fund coming to an end? Search us. Maybe the museum’s 24 galleries are full? Or there’s no art left to buy? Or there are no more tchotchkes floating around the Peninsula homes of alumni, professors, and neighbors that are in need of new curio shelves to inhabit?

Whatever the reason, this year’s edition of the sale, which will take place in Stanford’s Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation—you know, the gym—from March 31 through April 2, will be the last. Treasure Market 2017: The Last Hurrah! kicks off with a opening-night party on Friday: wine, snacks, music, and shopping. Then things get serious over the weekend–you shouldn’t expect to see people actually wrestling over oriental rugs or first editions or the baseball signed by Reggie Jackson, but you might witness some polite, um, maneuvering. Then swing by the museum to see what the nearly $3.7 million of treasure raised by the sales since 1958 helped purchase.

Sol Le Witt, Four color spit bite aquatint.l.l., 6 x 6 (plate), 12” x12 1/3”, 7/10 Crown Point Press 

Sol Le Witt, Four color spit bite, aquatint.l.l. 6 x 6 (plate), 12” x12 1/3,” 7/10, Crown Point Press

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty, Carmel Seascape, oil on board, 19 1/2” x 23 1/2”


Featured Image: Johannes Janson, Landscape, oil on canvas, 20” x 29”

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