California’s Willy Wonka of Heirloom Fruit

A ticket into Andy’s Orchard may well be one of the coveted invites in Silicon Valley. There’s no real magic to acquiring one, other than paying $15; it’s just that the fruit orchard is only open a few times a year in the summer with limited space at each tasting.

Courtesy Yelp user John D.

Nature’s candy is this sought after? It is at an orchard referred to as “the Chateau Petrus of stone fruit,” comparing it to a top-end wine estate in Bordeaux, France that commands north of $2,000 for a bottle. Let’s just say Andy produces spectacular fruit. He also grows rare heirloom varieties with cute names like Broken Heart, Bubble Gum, and Ernie’s Choice. At the August 5th event, peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots are on the menu.

Courtesy Yelp user John D.