Bright Lights Give Us Big Warm Fuzzies

What’s making us happy this week.

The turkey was still being digested when these streets started powering on to mark the holiday season.  Here’s our list of best dressed.

The miracle on 34th Street. Those who buy a house in Baltimore’s Hampden section on 34th Street know the drill. The holiday season is a big lit-up deal. The residents hang lights, decorate sidewalks, and inflate enormous teddy bears—a 69 year-old tradition. Recurring favorites include a Christmas tree made of hubcaps and a giant glowing crab, a nod to Maryland’s love for the crustacean.  The street is just a two-hour drive from Washington, DC.

Photo by sneakerdog via Flickr
Photo by sneakerdog via Flickr
Photo by sneakerdog via Flickr
Photo by sneakerdog via Flickr

The Norris House. Every December, 40,000 lights glow like a beacon at Bob Norris’s house, in the Lake Forest neighborhood, 30 minutes from Laguna Beach. Aside from the blaze of LEDs, Norris syncs up his lights to blink to the beats of the songs being played on the local radio station. Tune in as you drive down the street. Recently, a neighbor decided to join in on the light-mania. Now the two Orange County homes blink in sync with “Frosty the Snowman” and each other.

Photo courtesy of Bob Norris

On the water. Do the waterways of Southern California count as streets? Yes, Santa, they do. It’s that time of year when boat owners in Dana Point and in Newport Beach start blinging out yachts, sailboats, canoes, and kayaks. Dana’s Point theme is “Galactic Holiday”(expect displays to be from a universe far, far away), while Newport’s takes on “Seas the Holidays.”

Courtesy Dana Point Harbor Boat Parade

Lights of the Valley. You’d think Silicon Valley would be hard to impress. So then why do the crowds flock to Eucalyptus Avenue around the holidays? It’s a gawking feast of over a million lights blazing, thousands of carols blasting, dozens Hello Kitty’s hanging, and a few ornaments on Jeeps and Teslas swaying. The rumor is that property disclosure packages for buyers require participation.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.44.10 PM
Photo by David Prasad via Flickr

Glendale’s lights. Glendale’s canvas stretches over 16 blocks that are hung with 1.5 million neon lights. If Glendale Glitters isn’t impressive enough, how about the tallest Christmas tree. Outlets at Anthem hauls in a catch again: a 112-foot white fir to be hung with 6,000 ornaments and strung with 180 strands of LED lights. A copper star will top it (bringing the height to 115). Take that Mount Everest.

Glendale Glitters
Photo by Kenneth Hagemeyer via Flickr
Courtesy of Outlets at Anthem