Breakfast with a View

The best breakfast in Big Sur is also the best photo opp.

In Big Sur, coffee comes with a view—at Ventana Inn and also, for a view further south, from the Cafe Kevah terrace. This viewpoint sweeps out over 40 miles of Big Sur coastline. The vibe is very carefree (maybe you go right before a hike with the kids), with colorful cushions for lounging and full-on tables on the deck. We recommend the freshly baked sticky buns, and/or the blueberry cream cheese-stuffed French toast. This breakfast could last ‘til lunch—Kevah serve that, too.

In our imaginative imagination, we see this meal lasting ‘til dinner. Up the staircase is Nepenthe, a restaurant that’s been around since the bohemians worked up their appetites, opening in 1949. Henry Miller and Joan Baez dined here. Nepenthe requires a reservation—this place is POP-ular.

Meanwhile, back to that quick, casual breakfast. Bring a camera, and a book. The café is open year-round, except the last three weeks in January and the month of February.

Big Sur Nementhe-1328
Big Sur Nementhe-1324
Photos by Sara Essex