Bloom Tourism

What’s making us happy today… 

A desert bouquet. The Saguaro might as well be the tree of Arizona—the state is rich with them. These desert denizens start to awaken in April, blooming at night with white or sometimes yellow flowers, and continue into June. What a sight.

W0faZpgdPJaoohNGU_Qmn6hSUgTq78-rE70SkhXF6VEPhoto: Ehiris / Wikimedia

q9rs1NuSSsLoS9KiOOoC5KycMxyxV9tZzujDN4uoBBgPhoto: Brett Myers

It’s snowing cherry blossoms. Cherry spirit begins in earnest in Washington, D.C. the last week of March… or first week of April. No one can predict exactly when the 1,700 trees will burst into their blossom song. Tune into the bloom forecast, and plan accordingly to hit the trails and the festival.

eSN19PehAI7ewwhUZ6nPHA50KyPTX6pgU5lt-Uab6Lc Photo: Tim Evanson

AgnI3gD3mQbvzMOaPcCFrUsvJ8YcbeWZp5O4tP4Ws3MPhoto: The Q Speaks

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