Better Than Farm to Table

In Sacramento, lunch just got kind of different.

Lunch. It’s a meal that, once in a while, could use pizzazz. Instead of just sitting down, ordering, and perfunctorily forking and knifing,¬†Grange¬†takes you on a lunch tour‚ÄĒa little behind-the-recipes peek.

Oliver Ridgeway, your guide and the chef behind the acclaimed and supremely hoppin’ Sacramento restaurant, brings you to the farmers’ market in Cesar Chavez Park. He gives tips along the way, and shows you his favorite vendors. You’ll emerge with chef-vetted goods, like fragrant tomatoes, just-plucked greens, and fresh fish. Then, poof, the chef disappears into the back and out comes a three-course lunchorama. Farm-to-chef-to-table. Much better.