We’d Like to Have a Word

The Great American Novelist has become a hero once again with the opening of Chicago’s American Writers Museum last May. In Capturing Stories: Photographs of Writers, Art Shay shot many name writers including James Baldwin, Nelsen Algren, Gwendolyn Brooks and Ernest Hemingway. Fans of Little House on the Prairie will want to plan a trip soon. Laura Ingalls Wilder: From Prairie to Page ends February 1.

15-c-chicago-american_writers_museumPhoto (and Featured Photo) Courtesy American Writers Museum

Chicago isn’t the only place where writers-in-the-making find their muse. Henry Miller has a library named after him in Big Sur; and John Steinbeck put Monterey’s Cannery Row on the literary travel map. But Scotsman Robert Louis Stevenson also wandered these California shores, and today, Monterey has the largest collection of RLS’s artifacts. You’ll follow in the footsteps of the author of Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on a two-hour California Legacy Tour. He stayed in an adobe house that was built in 1836 on Houston Street near Pearl Street (shown). The other historic photo shows RLS in Oakland prior to his departure for the South Seas.

15-a-robert-louis-stevenson-house-montereyCourtesy UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

15-e-chicago-american-writers-museum-little-house-on-prairieCourtesy American Writers Museum

15-b-robert-louis-stevenson-oaklandCourtesy of Oakland Public Library, Oakland History Room and Maps Division/circa 1888)