An Unlikely Tourist Hot Spot

Two symbiotic lifestyles combine under one roof in Chicago to bring visitors from as far away as South Korea and Germany.

While you may initially come to Heritage General Store for Daisy, you’ll keep coming back for, um, Joe. That’s because one of Chicago’s favorite bike shops employs baristas; or, if you prefer, a coffeehouse that happens to serve bicycles with that latte.


TS_Heritage-shop-bikesPhotos courtesy of Tru Studio

The signature retro-styled Daisy (named after the cow that supposedly kick-started the great fire) can be ride-out-the-door yours, or customized. Unlike the coffee beans that are sourced from faraway locales like Rwanda and Columbia, Daisy’s parts, and the other two wheelers’ in the Heritage line, are mostly sourced from within the Chicago area code—although they might end up in a 212, 415, or even farther. Beyonce and dot-com billionaire Jack Dorsey each own one, and European and Asian tourists come to check out the creative concept.

According to Crain’s, when owner Mike Salvatore opened Heritage in the Lakeview neighborhood in 2012, coffee was 70 percent of sales. Now it’s 35 percent. That’s a positive sign for the future of joyriding. Where else will you find these bikes? On loan for guests at nearby Hotel Lincoln.


heritage-IMG_0003-2-3344344181-O-MOTIONPhotos courtesy of Heritage General Store