A Proper Baja Taco

All Wrapped Up in Where To Get the Best Baja Taco

Southern Californians are certainly passionate about the Baja taco, and everyone has their favorite. Here are a few facts and places to sample the dish, so you can decide for yourself who does it better.

The Facts

  • Born: 1983
  • American Birthplace: Rubio’s in San Diego
  • Tortilla type: Corn only. Please. Tradition dictates two corn tortillas per taco
  • Fish: White-fish, like cod, and sometimes shrimp, ideally beer battered
  • Special sauce: Mayo- or crema– based sauce, with hints of lime, onions, chipotle, salsa goodness
  • Made better with Pickled jalapeños, cabbage slaw, cilantro

Where to go for a taste test

  1. Rubio’s still carries the original fish taco. Today, it’s a big chain with hundreds of locations in Southern California, Northern California and around Phoenix and Scottsdale.
  2. A Santa Ana institution, Baja Fish Tacos offers ’em grilled, but we stand behind the beer-battered original, Ensenada style.
  3. Some say surfer-run Wahoo’s in Huntington Beach is as authentic as it gets.
  4. About 140 miles north of the border is Ricky’s Fish Tacos, a Los Angeles champ and highly rated by L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold.
  5. A really, really good knock-off way up north in Oakland is at Cosecha, where beer-battered fish tacos are the Friday lunch special.

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