Adventurous Eats

With an inviting outdoor patio on the San Francisco waterfront, dazzling Bay Bridge views and delectable dining and drink offerings all day long, Hotel Vitale’s Americano Restaurant is an established Embarcadero hot spot that’s not afraid to mix it up with new seasonal dishes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.50.53 PM
Blueberry Lavender Lemonade made with Absolut Elyx, lemon, house-made blueberry lavender shrub and lavender bitters.

We grabbed a few minutes with Chef Josh Perez (He’s a busy guy, with two kids and a new bakeshop in the family!) to hear about Americano’s Spring menu, which is bursting with fresh, sustainable, creative ingredients.


Joie De Vivre: What is your process for coming up with new dishes? Where does your inspiration come from?

Chef Perez: I’m trained to cook with the seasons, so I always start with a list of seasonal produce. From there I look at proteins (crab in winter, lamb in spring, salmon in summer, etc.) and last but not least I consider how to create a sense of time and place with the dish. For instance, after a long cold winter, I might mimic the emergence of spring by adding fresh green things like peas, asparagus or artichokes. In summer, I  keep dishes light and often prefer to use ingredients in their unadulterated or raw state punctuated by fresh herbs and olive oil. By fall, I’m ready to bring back rich braised meats, butter, nuts and dried fruit — warm comfort foods that make you want to eat while listening to the rain outside. The food has to be delicious, but if I do my job well, our guests feel a connection to the season and terroir that leaves them emotionally satisfied.

asparagus salad
A simple spring salad  of blanched asparagus spears tossed with wild arugula and shaved french breakfast radish, topped with a slow egg, shaved parmesan and rustic croutons.


Mafalde, pork sugo, baby kale, hazelnuts and aged pecorino
Mafalde (egg noodles) with pork sugo, baby kale, hazelnuts and aged pecorino; a salty cheese made from sheeps’ milk.

JDV: What are some of the most interesting or unique ingredients in this batch of new dishes? Do you have any favorites?

Chef Perez: A few years ago, grilled octopus would have been a hard sell, but these days diners are more adventurous and have broad culinary knowledge. The octopus has become one of our most popular items!

Grilled Octopus Salad
Octopus is sourced from Spain and braised before being placed in the oven to releases its natural flavors. The tentacles are grilled and served with crispy smoked potatoes and an olive tapenade.

JDV: Do any of the new dishes require special techniques to prepare?

Chef Perez: We prepare the short rib using sous vide technique, cooking it at 167F for 22 hours, which yields a much different texture than traditional braising. The meat is very tender but has a texture similar to steak.

JDV: If people haven’t been to Americano recently, why should they come in now?

Chef Perez: We have changed a lot of the dishes on both the lunch and dinner menus. You might discover a new favorite!

mt lassen trout
Focused on fresh, clean flavors, Mt. Lassen trout from Northern California is pan roasted with crème fraiche, peas, favas, sprigs of dill and confit potato and accompanied by multicolored fingerling potatoes and a simple sunflower seed pesto.

JDV: Do you have any tips for diners?

Chef Perez: Have fun and order a lot of different dishes! The menu is designed to offer many smaller plates for sharing, instead of the traditional appetizer, entree, dessert format.


Miso Glazed Black Cod
Miso Glazed Black Cod, marinated overnight with a combination of miso, sake and sugar to create a piece of fish that is fork tender with sweet and salty flavors. Accompanied by blanched carrots, asparagus, roasted maitake mushrooms and shrimp dumplings.

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