What’s making us happy today?

Night school. This is night school with an open liquor cabinet plus learning. Cocktails are offered with the swamps and rainforests and amongst the whales. Kudos to San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences, which brings DJs, bands, bites, and the resident mixologist to the academy for Thursday’s NightLife. This is only for those 21 and over.

SF-Nighlife_coral_reef_diver_Will LovePhoto by Will Love via California Academy of Sciences

SF-Nightlife_crowdPhoto by Tim Williamson via California Academy of Sciences

The latest free calling app is for the birds. A walking tour just got an upgrade at Carmel Valley Ranch. The California camp for adults (and kids) put a bird on it. Actually, they put several birds on this hike, like the Western tanager, chickadee, and acorn woodpecker. One of the main purposes is to spot the flighty. The tour leader lures them from their comfy nests by using an app that mimics their calls. The rest is up to you: You must spot them.

Carmel_the view from your room
Carmel_western-tanager_photo Mike Morris-via-Flickr
Carmel_acorn woodpecker

Bookmark this. Fair warning, Dickens Universe is not a gathering for those who are just not that into Charles D. Not up to date on Martin Chuzzlewit and American Notes? May we recommend another Santa Cruz attraction, like the boardwalk or the Grateful Dead archive? However, should you be interested in what a Dickens-head looks like, this is the place.

Santa-Cruz_DickensPhoto courtesy of Heritage Auction Gallery via Wikimedia

Ice cream for the studious. Since PBS viewers chose Little Havana’s Azucar as one of the best places in Florida for ice cream, it must be the scoop for smarties. No flavor is too esoteric for the makers to give it a go: margarita, birthday cake, watermelon mint sorbet, and the signature Abuela Maria, vanilla ice cream with cream cheese, red guava, and cookies.

Miami_azucar-exteriorPhoto by Phillip Pessar via Flickr
Header photo by Tim Griffith via California Academy of Sciences

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