A Street Paved With Fruits and Sweets

Honolulu’s popular food truck meetup is done Hawaiian style.

The monthly Eat the Street food truck rally is so hot in Honolulu that lines might be a little not so ono. But you gotta go taste what Hawaii eats, especially when it comes to treats that cool you off.

Wow Wow Lemonade presents lemonade with real class. First, the ’ades are poured in a stylish mason jar that quite literally screams aloha. And founders Todd Casselberry and Kawika Drummond one-up the same old with a bevy of new flavors being squeezed. The Lava Flow comes with coconut, pineapple, and strawberry purée drizzled on top.


Ready for the great shave-ice rethink? Head straight to Ha’aha’a Shave Ice, which uses only seasonal and local fruits. It’s totally not sticky, syrupy, and faux, like a lot of others. In the summer, it’s the local-favorite lychees. Also, the haupia sweet potato is not to be missed. Even if it sounds strange, please, do try that one. The topping of fresh fruit elevates these ices.

Or, chill out with an Ono Pop, insanely delicious and unlike anything else. These haute popsicles come in many colors and natural flavors, like Kona Latte, Crackseed LemonPeel, and Pineapple Li Hing. You might need a dictionary for the food terms. However, Lilikoi Cheesecake excels, and we all understand “cheesecake,” right? The tartness of the lilikoi (passion fruit) with silky cream cheese is “like butta,” but sweet and tangy. Eat the Street happens monthly on the last Friday at the Kakaako Waterfront Park.

IMG_4823Photos courtesy of Exploration: Hawaii