A Storied Street

Miami’s Española Way hangs on to its Latino dancing roots.

For a street barely six blocks long, Española Way packs in a lot of stories. While it has a touristy side, its cobblestoned history and pink tiles are worth seeking out, as are the indie boutiques. In the 1920s, Al Capone ran a gambling ring from a back room. A few decades later, famous Cuban Desi Arnaz (AKA Ricky Ricardo of I Love Lucy) popularized the rumba in these Mediterranean-styled streets, and played his bongos in sultry dance rooms.

At night, you can learn the tango, salsa, and flamenco—your rhythm aided by a sangria—within the authentico Española vibe of Tapas y Tintos. Matador outfits and Spanish fans hang from the walls.

During the day, Española Way is one of the more boho places to shop. You might score bongo drums, cigars, or a Panama hat.

EspanolaWay 2Photos by Michael Ostendorp and Phillip Pessar via Flickr

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