A Speakeasy For Photographs

The best, and the least well known, space for photography in the country is Pier 24, which is a bundle of contradictions as well as well as an art space. A private gallery founded by the collectors Andrew and Mary Pilara, it’s open to the public on weekdays, though you have to make a (free) reservation. Facing one of the most famous panoramas in the world, this almost-windowless single-story building—a long-abandoned steamship terminal—turns its back on the view. But then, given the high caliber of photos that are usually to be found inside, you can’t really blame it.

Pier 24 Exterior

Ending this month, Pier 24’s first solo show: a meditation on race, class, and America from the British-born, NYC-based artist Paul Graham, who spent more than a dozen years crisscrossing the country to create a the trilogy of works now assembled under the title The Whiteness of the Whale. Ahoy, Ahab.

13_Graham_Install copy

16_Graham_Install copyCourtesy Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco