The Story Behind the Canvas: a Q&A With Exhibition A

Hotel 50 Bowery, steeped in rich history and culture by virtue of the very address it occupies, is deeply committed to embracing the vibrancy of its surrounding neighborhoods and reflecting their creativity in its design ethos. So, enter Exhibition A: founded by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and gallery owner Bill Powers, Exhibition A collaborates directly with top contemporary artists to bring their works to boutique properties across the nation and abroad. Sounds like a match made in art world heaven, right?

Exhibition A partnered with Joie de Vivre Hotels to curate and produce the vibrant permanent art collection featured at Hotel 50 Bowery to evoke the bustling energy of downtown NYC, featuring artwork by New York based artists including graffiti-stylings by Andre Saraiva, colorful bursts by Lowell Boyers, abstract compositions by Simone Shubuck, and hyper-realistic pencil drawings by Riley Payne.

We sat down with the Exhibition A team to hear a little more about the process, so follow along for our exclusive Q&A and get a sneak preview of the artwork featured!

What struck the Exhibition A team as special about Hotel 50 Bowery when you began your partnership with the hotel?

We knew Hotel 50 Bowery would be an exciting project because of its unique location in downtown Manhattan. In addition to the area’s rich history, the Lower East Side and Chinatown have rapidly cemented themselves as an integral part of the New York City art world over the past few years. Hotel 50 Bowery guests have dozens of galleries within walking distance that are showing young work that is as sophisticated as it is experimental, which is keeping the art scene in New York City fresh.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process for choosing the featured artwork?

At Exhibition A, we work alongside design teams to curate and produce art collections with both local and international relevance for boutique properties across the nation and abroad. Our process includes meeting with the interior designers and brand executives to discuss their aesthetic vision for the property then undergoing a series of artwork proposals that we refine until we reach the final artwork package.

Everything goes together so well. How were the themes selected, and by who?

Thank you! Our approach to art consulting combines an in-depth knowledge of contemporary art and strong relationships in the field with high production capabilities so we are able to ensure that integral brand themes are brought to life through artwork by high caliber artists. We worked closely with Wimberly Interiors and Joie de Vivre to ensure the themes of the property – the energy of downtown New York and its existence at the intersection of historical homage and contemporary progress – were expressed, enhanced, and complemented in the artwork.

How did you choose these particular artists? Do they have a specific connection to New York City and its vibrant energy?

Absolutely. All of our selected artists are currently living and working in New York City and most of the artists have built their careers here. Andre Saraiva in particular is a fixture in downtown NYC as an international club owner, his newly opened Café Henrie, and his ubiquitous “Mr. A” character tags. Additionally, we were excited to include historic photographs of Chinatown in our artwork package that were provided on behalf of the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA).

How does 50 Bowery and Exhibition A keep the conversation/partnership going after the project is complete and the hotel has opened?

Given how enthusiastic the Joie de Vivre team has been about the artwork, we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation, as we know the brand understands the importance of art in NYC’s downtown community. It will be interesting to see how our partnership is able to progress once we begin to receive guest feedback on the artwork.

In the meantime, Exhibition A continues to collaborate with influential contemporary artists to produce the weekly releases of limited edition artworks. To learn more about contemporary art, follow Exhibition A on instagram at @exhibitiona and visit the website at!

And now…. A look at the Hotel 50 Bowery and Exhibition A collection: 

unspecifiedAndré Saraiva, Black Mr. A

unspecified-2Riley Payne, Untitled (Home and Away)


Lowell Boyers, Primavera Materia


Simone Shubuck, Compartments for Belief


You can view these works in person at Hotel 50 Bowery! To book your arts and culture-filled stay, visit our site here.