A New-Century Liberty Statue

Oakland is home to one of three statues in the world by a cultural and environmental advocate-artist.

She may be 287 feet shorter than her New York City counterpart and made of bronze rather than copper, but Cheemah—like the Statue of Liberty—is dedicated to noble goals like cultural diversity and care for the earth. This “mother of the spirit-fire” still outranks the tallest NBA player, measuring in at 18 feet in height.

Credit: Cheemah Monument Project
Credit: Cheemah Monument Project

Cheemah is not simply one statue, though. She is a movement, one of three statues by sculptor and grassroots activist Osprey Orielle Lake. They are in Majorca, Spain; Hamburg, Germany; and, Oakland, California—in Jack London Square, where Cheemah takes flight on a soaring eagle, a worldly symbol of sun. Other ancient symbols of the sun decorate the base.


Is Oakland an unlikely spot? Not at all, says a spokesperson for International Cheemah Monument Project. Oakland is a shining example of restoration, renaissance, cultural diversity, and innovation.