A Nauti Hero

A former sailor brought art to the arm in the ’40s and ’50s and became a legend. Let’s take a ride back to midcentury Honolulu. If you were to walk to Chinatown, you’d come across a neon sign glowing red. In that storefront would be Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, inking up the enlisted crew that streamed into the port city.

Born in California, the Navy veteran spent most of his early years at sea, traveling throughout the Pacific, including China and Japan. As a result, his tattoo designs combined bold American tradition with Asiatic colors — a unique style that became legendary.

In fact, you may be familiar with his protégé, artist Don Ed Hardy, who operates under the brand Ed Hardy.

Wanting to pay tribute to the artist, Pacific Edge Hotel on Laguna Beach asked Sailor Jerry Ltd. to kit out one of the its five beachside bungalows. Design firm Erin King Interiors channeled the Tiki era with a pinball machine, rattan accents, and Sailor Jerry artwork. The bamboo bar can, of course, be stocked with Sailor Jerry rum, made in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The label depicts Sailor Jerry’s work.

Rent the bungalow for a Tiki party and get first-rate access to the ocean, plus bottle and food service. Day rates start at $1,200 for up to 12. Not bad for your own South Pacific bungalow in the heart of Laguna Beach.

And remember: 2,579 miles in the distance is Collins’ old stomping ground of Honolulu. Pacific Edge Hotel
Pacific Edge Hotel
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