A Miami Jewel

This (just about) brand-new stadium is a home run.

You can’t be baseball royalty without a proper kingdom. Enter the Miami Marlins’ stadium in South Florida, a palace of 37,000 seats built in 2012 to honor both the team itself and the fans. In fact, it’s so beautiful and technologically advanced that we can’t help but think it’s the Lamborghini of stadiums.

Turns out this comparison might hold up.

Marlins Park: The roof retracts at the super quick speed of 39 feet per minute.
Lamborghini Aventador: Hits 60 mph in just under three seconds.

Marlins shrine: Behold the Bobblehead Museum—a wall in the stadium dedicated to current and former Marlins in big, bobbling head format, as well as mascots, players, and broadcasters from all of MLB history.
Lamborghini shrine: Behold the Lamborghini Museum in Italy, where cars as far back as the company’s first production vehicle, the 350 GT, are on display.

Marlins Park roadside: Those with car troubles who park in the garage or surface lots can access the stadium’s emergency roadside service.
Lamborghini roadside: Yup, roadside service as well as a satellite anti-theft system, digital pressure gauge, and a first-aid kit with light sticks and a triangle.

Even the non-sporty have something to admire at the stadium. The art collection features works By Joan Miro, Roy Lichtenstein, and Christian Moeller.

Go see the Lamborghini of stadiums on a behind-the-scenes tour, or catch a home game. To test drive a Lamborghini, contact your local dealer.

Stadium pano via flickrPhoto by Eric Kilby via Flickr

Lamborghini 350GT

Photo by Brett Levin via Flickr
Title photo by Steve via Flickr