A Garage Sale Not to Miss

Those looking for high fashion or rare vintage might unlock a real vault at a Chicago storefront.

Garage sales are so hit or miss. Not the case at Luxury Garage Sale in Chicago’s Old Town. The key word here is luxury. This former pop-up shop is now a high-fashion consignment brick-and-mortar that buys and sells designer and vintage fashion.

You won’t find anything janky (ghosts of wearers past); all are in tip-top condition. The extensive costume jewelry section, laid out on a low table, offers some real gold digging, and with results. The delicate Hattie Carnegie gold-toned and rhinestone-trim bracelet shown is $60.


Sartorial treasure hunters will delight in rifling through the racks. Fair warning, though. These aren’t items normally uncovered in a garage sale, unless it is Anna Wintour’s. This is the place to shop for a wardrobe treat—a pair of Jimmy Choos, a vintage Chanel bag, or a  Hermés silk scarf.

Deals? Yes. Cheap finds? That depends how you define “cheap.” You may see an Alexander McQueen top, with the tags still on, for $400. Not necessarily cheap, but considering it retails for $1,200, it’s definitely a deal.

chicago_luxeIMG_0013Photos courtesy of Luxury Garage Sale