A Food Playground in San Francisco

Leave it to San Francisco to reimagine the makerspace. Forget laser cutters and 3-D printers, at Tinker Kitchen, it’s about coffee roasters with digital probes and sous vide circulators. This is food hacking at its finest—where food meets science.

Courtesy Tinker Kitchen

Funded on the ultimate-maker hangout of Kickstarter, Tinker Kitchen is a 1,700 square-foot storefront space in the gastro Mission District neighborhood—a culinary lab, creative hub and shared dining room rolled into one.

As an engineer and a cook, founder Dan Miller has stocked the pantry and commercial-grade kitchen with gear that aren’t found in a typical household … unless you happen to own professional-quality ovens, dessert micro-puree-ers, and bon-bon making tempering tools, ala the combi-oven, Pacojet, and Chocovision.

Courtesy Tinker Kitchen

Although Tinker Kitchen operates on a monthly membership model, day passes are available, as are one-off classes and culinary talks.

Because of permitting issues (a common holdup in San Francisco) Tinker Kitchen is now scheduled to open October 19th.