A Day With Jawbone

Tell ’em you’re with the band. The fitness band, that is. The Jawbone UP2 Fitness Band, to be exact.

When The Epiphany Hotel in Palo Alto started offering this nifty wearable as part of a package designed to help guests stay healthy on the go, we had to see what all the fuss was about. So we sent our friend, local photographer Brock Sanders, to document the experience, from tracking steps to eating right at the hotel restaurant, Lure + Till.

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For guests already using a UP2 Tracker, and those wishing to purchase one on property, the hotel also provides Fred Water, a walking map of Palo Alto, a wellness tip sheet, an optional sleep kit, and complimentary access to the gym across the street.

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Rise and shine and get ready for breakfast! Select dishes on the Lure + Till menu are identified as healthy options, with nutritional information provided in-room or upon request.

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Next, lace up your walking shoes. You won’t need much more than your Jawbone and your sense of adventure to enjoy the recommended routes. The map includes the average number of steps it takes to get to area landmarks. Did we mention the package comes with special incentives? The more active you are, the more perks you’ll get. (Think restaurant certificates, fruity mocktails, and more.)

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Stroll up and down nearby University Avenue on Walk #1, totaling 2,000 steps.


On Walk #2, totaling 2,000 steps, discover the famous but unassuming Hewlett-Packard Garage, now a private museum and historical landmark.

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Explore Stanford University’s Main Quad & Campus Quad on Walk #3, totaling 6,000 steps.

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All that walking is bound to make you hungry. Loop back around to Lure + Till, where the kale is delicious but not the only light fare on offer. Heirloom carrot salad and farro verde join the mix. If you prefer to refuel in your room, try The Epiphany’s other health-nut favorite: the Fresh Fridge, a minibar stocked with locally sourced juices and farmers’ market picks.

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If you have time to tackle it, Walk #4 puts “long walks on the beach” to shame. At a whopping 8,000 steps, the Dish Hike in the Stanford Foothills features steep, paved trails with impressive views of the San Francisco Bay and an abundance of local flora and fauna.

As for a good night’s sleep, the Jawbone band has that covered, too. Brock had this to say: “It basically tracks your sound sleep and light sleep patterns, how long it takes to fall to sleep and how many times you wake up at night. It also has the ability to vibrate, and can be set up through the app to act as an alarm clock. One unique feature is that you can set the alarm to go off a bit earlier if you are in a lighter sleep pattern, instead of having it wake you when you’re soundly sleeping. I definitely noticed the difference.”

All photos by Brock Sanders