A BART Food Crawl

A good meal is only a metro stop away in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

The beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area is that no matter which part of the region you are staying in, you can quench your thirst and fill your stomach right off the BART.

16th & Mission station

Order up a dusk cap at ABV, run by a couple San Francisco bartending veterans. Of the 16 drinks on the menu, thumbs up to the mezcal-based Lefty’s Fizz. But, honestly, thumbs up to a lot of the selections. Anyone coming here could easily be pressed into staying put for the food. Top of that list? The pimento burger with a sweet potato bun.

Powell station

Time for a little snackertizer in Union Square. You may work up a thirst trying to locate the tucked away bar of Euro-cozy Benjamin Cooper. It’s speakeasy style but without the usual speakeasy paparazzi. A lucky few will nab a stool in this small place that shakes up a menu of creative cocktails. Pop back a few oysters, too.

10403022_1530012253939616_366962591785298737_n EAST BAY

19th Street station

If you can scare up four friends, you might want to opt for one of the punch bowls at the hip Plum Bar (PB for short), in the heart of Uptown Oakland (hipsterville). The rhum agricole (with sugarcane) In My Cherri Rose is infused with that summer fruit. Now that’s a nice juicy base. But a barrel-aged cocktail is a very nice solo sip to drown your sadness if you can’t find friends to split the punch with. Which brings us to PB’s Happy Meal, a half-pound cheeseburger, smoked fries, draft beer, and Four Roses bourbon for $25. This modern tavern is one of esteemed chef Daniel Patterson’s restaurants. So, yeah, drool.

Photo Credit: John Joh

Rockridge station

The station lets out onto Rockridge’s main College Avenue, a hub for doing, buying, and, more importantly, eating and drinking. San Francisco’s delicious Italian restaurant A16 has an outpost on the street, although the menus do differ. For example, here you can worship the Montanara, a wood-fired pizza made with lightly fried dough, smoky tomato sauce, and burrata. Chef Rocky Maselli, we salute you. And, folks, there is zero skimping on the cocktail parade. These pizzas, pastas, and antipasti are paired with brilliantly executed drinks.