The Fried Egg Cubano

Hi, everyone! Jennie from Garlic, My Soul here. With this Joie de Vivre Hotel-inspired recipe, I’m encouraging everyone to get excited about The Hall, opening in Miami’s South Beach in a few short months. The bright décor and the Art Deco vibe at this in-the-center-of-it-all spot make me think two words: endless summer. It’s already going on my must-stay list.

Haddon Hall Hotel

Now, let’s talk food. Thinking about the Cuban-inspired cuisine in the Miami area had me craving tropical fruit, sweet coffee and, of course, some grilled Cuban egg sandwiches! For my breakfast platter, I made two fried eggs, grilled French bread (slathered on both sides with butter, for good measure), and heated up some ham. I balanced this out with a healthy side of mango and papaya salad. And, last but not least, a Cuban breakfast wouldn’t be complete without café con leche: brewed espresso with sugar and hot milk frothed to perfection.

Cuban Sandwich Ingredients:

• 2 eggs
• 2 slices ham
• 2 slices Swiss cheese
• Cuban or French bread
• butter


1. Start by cutting your bread and buttering both sides. Grill over medium-low heat, pressing down with a cast-iron press (or a plate) to help get an even grill. Make sure to flip after about 2-3 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, melt a tablespoon of butter and fry two eggs over-medium in a cast-iron pan.

3. When your eggs are done, place on your grilled bread, and then heat your ham in the cast iron. Add ham to egg sandwich and top with a slice of Swiss cheese.


Café con Leche Ingredients:

• 3 oz espresso or strongly brewed coffee
• 2-3 teaspoons sugar
• ½ cup milk
• a pinch of cinnamon


1. Brew espresso or coffee. While it’s brewing, heat milk until warm but not boiling. Using a milk frother, froth your warm milk until it forms a foam.

2. Pour coffee into mug, then add sugar and stir until dissolved. Pour milk over the top, ending with a nice thick foam layer. (I prefer about a half-inch of foam.) Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!


Fruit Salad Ingredients: 

• 1 papaya
• 1 mango


1. To cut the papaya, slice in half lengthwise. Scoop out all seeds and discard.
2. Carefully with a paring knife, peel your papaya.
3. Cut into slices or dice your fruit.
4. To cut the mango, cut both cheeks off of each side. You’ll want to leave about an inch of fruit in the middle, depending on the size.
5. In each cheek, slice about a half inch apart all the way cross, then rotate your cheek and slice all the way across again, making a grid. Now you should be able to pull out the pieces of mango.
6. Mix your mango and papaya together to serve!