The Breakfast of Saints

Breakfast and brunch just got a little more saintly—and sweet, at a whimsical Waikiki cafe called Heavenly. The interior, with wooden surfboards and Jack Johnson tunes playing, recalls fun, lazy days at the beach. In a word, the vibe is optimistic. A “path to happiness” chart is scrawled on the wall.


Those looking to taste Hawaii’s organic treasures, like mango, banana, avocado, and pineapple, will find the mother lode here. The Dream or Happy smoothie is a good choice for your morning beverage agenda, and both are blended with locally sourced fruits.

oahu-dream-heavenly-hawaii exploration

Salad greens are grown in the Waimanalo countryside, and the kale is raised with love on the Waianae coast. Taro muffins replace ordinary English muffins, and the açaí bowl brims with berries drizzled with honey harvested from the Big Island.

oahu-heavenly_hawaii exploration
Those with heartier appetites will enjoy Heavenly’s take on a beloved local dish, the loco moco. Normally, heaps of gravy are slathered over an egg and beef patty. Here, it is replaced with veggies, beans, and multi-grain rice. The farm-fresh, sunny-side-up egg that tops it will leave you fueled for your next Hawaiian adventure.

As its motto pronounces: “Eat local, be happy.”

oahu-heavenly-interior_hawaii expl
Photos courtesy of Exploration Hawaii.