Love, Hollywood Style

What’s making us happy today

A rom-com recreated. There’s a lighthouse scene in50 First Dates in which Drew Barrymore kisses Adam Sandler and says, “There’s nothing like a first kiss.” That not-the-first kiss was filmed at the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse on the easternmost point of O’ahu. To reach the silver-screen beacon, hike along a two-mile trail (round trip). You’ll be rewarded with panoramic views. Some leave a lovelock at the lookout above the lighthouse. Don’t forget yours.


The Bettes of Laguna. There seems to be a natural attraction between famous Bettes and Laguna Beach. First came Bette Davis, whose rambling English Tudor at 1991 Ocean Way, above Woods Cove, is marked by a plaque. Another famous Bette (Midler) resided at the well-known Norman House above Victoria Beach. To take walks of actress architecture and other sights of interest in Laguna, stay tuned to the blog of a local, and not a Bette, Janelle Naess. The resident used to give walking tours, and is now creating self-guided maps.



Photo: Janelle Naess