How to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave

What’s making us happy today?

Going for the gold. Pools in Palm Springs are top-notch, especially come dusk. But in the heat of the day, chill out at Desert Ice Castle, where a few Olympic medal-winning coaches (golds, silvers, you name it) teach. Take a private lesson, or arrive for “Friday Night Lights”—DJs, skating, strobes.


An uncommon cold. The coldest place on Earth is in Sacramento in the middle of the summer—at least at Cryobath. A one-person chamber (with presumably a person in it) is cooled to around -276 Fahrenheit using liquid nitrogen. This treatment available in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood is brought to you by former NBA star A.C. Green. It’s really all about sports performance. Think of it like an endorphin rush only really, really, really cold. At its longest, it lasts three minutes. No, please, you go ahead.

Sacramento_cryobathPhoto courtesy of Cryobath

Winter is coming. The forecast for Miami Beach is sunny and 23 degrees within the vodka vault of Drinkhouse Fire & Ice on Collins. Forty-five minutes in the “freezer” cost $34, two drinks included as well as faux fur coats and gloves. It’s 100,000 pounds of ice studded with crystals that keeps the temperature far from toasty. In case you wonder about the “fire” part of the bar’s name, don’t. Just wait ’til winter.

miami_drinkhousePhoto courtesy of Drinkhouse Fire & Ice