Hooked on Fisherman’s Wharf

A behind-the-scenes tour highlights the working wharf, not the touristy one. Generally, an afternoon at Fisherman’s Wharf involves a bout of shopping in crowded chain stores, then seafood chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl. It’s not really a place that locals go, unless they have kids. That’s why Fisherman’s Wharf Sea Forager is an intriguing addition. Fisherman Kirk Lombard, known for his gregariousness and the sea shanties he performs with his accordion-playing wife, gives behind-the-scenes tours. He is probably one of the first celebrity fishermen: The Selby has filmed him and he’s done TEDx talks. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lombard teaches eaters and cooks about the health of fisheries, demonstrating “sniggling” or poke polling: the technique of collecting mollusks from between crevices with a rod. You’ll hear history, meet real fishermen, and see Lombard’s warehouse, which supplies some of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. 3047_female_dungeness_crab_munsel_odfw Lombard is also a world-record holder for poke polling a monkey-faced eel. (That sentence won’t sound like gibberish after the tour.) SF - Sea Foraging - WeiHsiang Wang